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The linux audio consortium mailing list is intended for cross project member communication and inter-organizational announcements or discussion.
12691 month, 3 weeks ago
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This is The list for users of linux audio software (you) to ask questions, help others, discuss or just hang out.  The majority of LADs is also active here giving feedback and inspiration. The list archive has become invaluable providing good sollutions to recurring ideas and problems.  Many Threads from the LAD list were and are discussed here further.

1003253 hours, 13 minutes ago

This list informs subscribers about new releases or events and is not intended for discussion.
The announce list is moderated and each post needs to be approved by the list maintainer.

22631 day, 19 hours ago

The linux-audio developer (LAD) mailing list is the place to discuss and share in depth information concerning design, development and architecture of linux audio related Hard- and Software. It's a fun place to lure and learn. yet, take your time and think before posting there: This is not the list to report generic linux audio bugs to developers.

354891 day, 22 hours ago

The linux-audio tuning (LAT) mailing list is to help GNU/Linux distribution maintainers and other interested users to share information on system performance tuning matters, especially with regard to real-time Linux kernels.

1492 years, 8 months ago