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Date: Monday, November 19, 2012 - 9:21 am

I'm happy to announce release 0.5.1 of QMidiArp.
It brings some new features for Arp patterns suggested by gionnico

the tracker. New 't' and 'g' tokens provide semitone shifts, and

repeating '0' within chords play out several notes even when only one

note is pressed on the keyboard.
It also brings some sort of automation for the parameter storage

(see feature list
below) that might be interesting when working with live sequencing.

I've updated the demo_seqlfo.qmax that you'll find in


and you can download a

yoshimi xmz file made for that demo, from

the sourceforge qmidiarp 0.5.1 folder.

it out, it's a nice sequence I think.

Enjoy playing with QMidiArp



Everything as usual is on


and the direct download link is


Main changes are listed here:
qmidiarp-0.5.1 (2012-11-17)

New Features
o Global Storages have new features accessible through right-click
on each storage location. You can choose if at pattern end another
storage location is automatically selected and create dynamic pattern
o Global Storage now has a position pacman indicator for each module
o Clicking on the top button in the global store window now raises the
selected module window
o When Jack is not available at program start, show a message window
o Introduce semitone shifts in Arp patterns (request 3574549 by gionnico)
o Allow repetition of the 0 note within chords to stack notes when only
a single note is played on the keyboard (request 3574549 by gionnico)
o The module input-output panels on the left can now be hidden, this
leaves some more space when running several modules side-by-side

Fixed Bugs
o When starting from scratch, qmidiarp sometimes didn't start with
internal clock
o When editing an arp pattern while running, qmidiarp crashed when the
pattern length reached zero
o Deleting the last module sometimes crashed qmidiarp
o Trigger mode sometimes caused hanging when a new note was received
o Global Storage locations did not get updated when module names changed

General Changes
o There have been many changes toward realtime compatibility under the
hood. In particular, there are no more memory allocations/frees in
the realtime component.
o LFO Waveforms with high resolutions and lengths appear with finer
o The Mute state of each module is no longer changed when a parameter
restore is done
o Overall CPU usage should be slightly reduced
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