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To: Andrea Glorioso <andrea.glorioso@...>
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Date: Saturday, January 24, 2004 - 2:57 am


> But don't come back later

What are you talking about? I contacted Daniel immidiatelly after i
found out about this. Pretty much everything was private at that time.
That's a huge difference. And there's still no neutral place which would
serve for advocacy related discussions.

> And don't whine if I

You don't have to. Luckily i can *now* read it here:

> > Was a consortium really launched to *create*?

Discussing? I haven't seen any discussions.




*None* of them. There's only one relationship between the authors of a
project and the project itself. Copyright.


So what if a company(member) that has no direct involvement in a project
abuses that project(member)? How is your consortium going to protect the


Electing Fred as a member of that organization since he's a natural
person, he's active in a project.

> > Unfortunately this isn't happening. It puts a consortium of

> I honestly can't see how the companies are put into the spotlight

"consortium of companies and libre software projects"
1. companies
2. libre software projects.



I did underestimate the fact that somebody else might get the domain for
different purposes.

I *don't* underestimate the importance of LAD.


Not unless the domain acts as home for LAD, LAU and LAA at first place.
I'm even willing to buy that domain for the purpose of providing it for
the three mailinglists.

We need *basic* services first, if we want to promote linux audio.
That's providing news, and documentation, tutorials for both developers
and users.

Establishing a serious organization governed by law(ownership,
contracts, tax exemptions, grants, etc) and providing services is the
last step.


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