Re: [LAD] FIxed alsa-tools' envy24control missing peak level meters and "Reset Peaks"

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Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - 6:46 am

On July 27, 2010 01:00:31 am you wrote:

Apparently there is a more advanced TLV based dB conversion.

If it is true, then in that respect, could we say this code should
be updated to use the TLV dB functions, for better accuracy?
Because at constant 0.5dB steps, the dB labels in alsamixer and
envy24control sure don't seem to correspond closely to what's
in the AK4524 datasheet dB table.
I do hope I'm reading that datasheet right !

Now, a question is: If TLV proves more accurate, do we really want
these odd value yet more accurate markings. Like -18.32 not -18.

Ie maybe pseudo 0.5 dB steps are better, visually.
I'm starting to think so.
It's a compromise after all. Not terribly accurate but it works.
It would become a problem if large inaccuracies arise with some chip.
Ah, maybe a user switch - regular constant, or TLV based for accuracy.

But I need to study that TLV stuff more...
See my other post about successful experiments with other dB funcs.


Yeah I know, I realised the same thing.
I now have some hope for them.
Hope. Change. Yes we can... Sorry rambling on there.
And of course a switch to turn them on/off is a good idea.


That was my original golden question. This looks possible now.

> I initially thought I'd do that,

Chip-specific code. Nah, let's try to stick with what ALSA gives us to
work with. We'd surely want to check that TLV thing first.
Careful, "finite" today, but tomorrow maybe a new ADC chip, eh?

We'll see. The saga continues.... Tim.

> I'll look into your ALSA API findings as

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