[LAD] MeeGo for better handheld/tablet multimedia? (was Re: Android audio plugins)

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Date: Saturday, July 2, 2011 - 8:46 pm

Given all the needed Linux dependencies, and the difficulties of
getting decent audio performance on Android, what about not using
Android and using good ol' Linux instead?

Specifically, MeeGo on the Nokia N9 (
). I'm sure that it will be easier to create handheld multimedia
applications on an in-production and widely-distributed, supported
product that supports the full stack of libs and development tools
already in use by the LAD community....


Fortunately, a bunch of interesting multimedia projects will be
getting a Nokia N950 to develop applications for the upcoming Nokia N9
( see also http://shootspeak.com/2011/06/24/nokia-n9-extra-facts-tidbits-updates/

The following are excerpted from
as of July 2 2011:

-- Porting Maesynth and Maelophone from N900 Python to QML and C++.
Stress testing the new Qt Game Enabler to see if we finally have low
latency audio support in Qt. Will also look to see if we can get midi
sample support via Wild Midi or equivalent.

-- Porting FunkeySynth, a MeeGo Tablet synthesizer to Harmattan

-- Develop an audio recording application with geo-location support,
plus other applications to improve personal productivity utilising the
Harmattan notification/event view.

-- Develop FM RDS applications with focus in the new standards from
RadioDNS like the RadioVIS (partly based in the already existent the
N900-fmvis http://code.google.com/p/n900-fmvis/). I'm a member of a
university radio station (Radio Muda FM, 88.5MHz) and my plan is to
develop "real life" radio station applications.
I'll also rewrite an application I did for audio streaming, darknow (a
gui for darkice, http://darksnow.radiolivre.org) which is an icecast2
client, and also write an audio/video icecast2 client (based in a
software I did called theorur, http://theorur.sarava.org), all using

-- Porting XBMC + MeeGo TV stuff + doing audio continuums using pulseaudio.

-- Creating a Libre.fm radio client and porting Jokosher to small
screen devices.

-- Meex, a portable DJing application http://jenkins.vitaminj.co.uk/job/meex/

-- Porting Amarok to tablets and handsets running MeeGo/Harmattan.

-- Developing an audio player to access to more than 47 000 webradios
referenced on AOL shoutcast (by name, genre, current track)

-- Panucci - Resuming audiobook and podcast player

-- http://mediadownloader.cz.cc/?page_id=2

-- LinuxMCE is a next generation smart home platform encompassing
media, home automation, telecom, and security features.

-- Porting Flumotion an open source streaming solution to Harmattan
taking advantage of the hardware encoding and the camera

-- magnus-plus photo: an application that combines a camera-based
magnifier with more advanced image processing techniques

-- Photographer's application suite (SnapGo, currently) to include
feature like a light meter and GPS track recording.

-- And last, but not least, I'm Looking forward to getting mine soon.
:-) [For: http://wiki.meego.com/tubelet-and-cutetube-port and


PS: As long as floating-point limited CPU's (ARM) are the norm among
mobile processors, there may be a final calling for really complicated
audio synthesis to be done entirely with integer arithmetic. Which may
necessitate a different and more monolithic architecture -- one where
everything is done/controled in&by the application itself, as opposed
to using jack. Given the limited screen real estate available, how
much can you expect to successfully control and mix simultaneously

PPS: The successful apps figure out dedicated gestural/haptic/vocal
interfaces to control all the knobs-and-dials underneath, e.g..
http://smule.com/ 's http://ocarina.smule.com/ (see
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHtCAAj8jFI ).

PPPS: speaking of having a complete "Linux" stack , what about WebOS
and the HP Touchpad? http://www.wired.com/reviews/2011/06/hp-touchpad/
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