[LAD] jcgui update to 0.8

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To: Linux Audio User <linux-audio-user@...>, Linux Audio Developers <linux-audio-dev@...>
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 4:29 am


As of 2011-01-16 I have skipped the development of jcgui, and still I
wouldn't maintain/develop it any longer.
But it get downloaded and used by some users and I receive requests and
bug-reports for it.
So I decide to fix the most related bugs and upload a new version, to
get rid of that.

* fix file not load when white space in path
* fix resampling (use zita-resampler now)
* fix build with gcc 4.7
* various small fixes

Still, I wouldn't recommend to use jcgui, please use IR_LV2 instead,
but, if you really would use jcgui, please update it.


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