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To: Brett McCoy <idragosani@...>
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Date: Friday, May 18, 2012 - 7:28 pm

Hi Brett!
And again I was right to rub my hands, while waiting for the audio to
arrive. I like the bass sound. To be m0ore precise, the way it's processed and
used. Though the guitar sound this time isn't completely to my liking. Perhaps
because it reminds me a little of my friend's early recordngs.
But I'm starting somewhere in the middle. :-) The orchestration and overall
recording is very big again and well mixed, to my ears. It reminds me a little
of a soundtrack this time. So ambiant gets a tick. :-) Although I would have
liked to have mjore percussion in the piece, since I have a feeling, they
might be one of your strong points, I'm satisfied with the little I got. :-)
Musically speaking the main theme wasn't as gripping this time as it was
with Bron of Fire, but then the intentions are quite different, at least
judging by your own descriptions and the context in which you put Born of
Fire. Still I find myself strangely attracted to the arabesque streak in
music. I like the tension, that your melody lines create. In this piece helped
along by the omenous bass line, if you can call it that. The strings add a
more cinematesque impressions. They set a nice "frame" for the rest of the
music to be surrounded by. Together with the guitars. Yes, I'm not too
particular about the sound of the guitars this time, but that does't keep me
from liking what they do.
Overall it sounds simple, everything fitting together. I don't know, how
much time and effort went into it, but I think it's often good, with this type
of music, if I can judge it to be simple. Like Glenn Gould playing Bach and
making it sound simple. :-) So continue the work and keep us updated. If I had
a wish, although you're not a fairy, I would wish for more driving percussion
in the next piece, if at all appropriate. :-)
Thanks for sharing and kind regards

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