Linux Audio Monthly Round-Up #6 - January 2011

The holiday season is over and I actually took advantage of it by not working on the Linux Audio Monthly Round-Up #6 but by making music. With the help of Leigh Dyer's outstanding seq24 tutorials I'm trying to master seq24 and so far I'm really enthusiastic about this sequencer. I've started remixing an older track of mine and seq24 has already proven itself a very valuable tool.

But I did read up on relevant mailinglists and forums to keep in pace with the developments in Linux Audio Land. And December did yield some interesting topics, like the RT_GROUP_SCHED option (cgroups) discussion on the Jack-Devel mailinglist and the refutation that CPU frequency scaling has no use for low-latency real-time audio, and then there was the sheer amount of music made with Linux of course!